Feb 01 2022

Best Retirement Wealth Management Firm - New Zealand

We are pleased to announce that Lifetime Retirement Income was awarded Best Retirement Wealth Management Firm - New Zealand in the Retirement Planning Awards 2022. This was for all the work Lifetime has completed around retirement income solutions for Kiwis. 

Lifetime has pioneered innovation in the retirement income sector since it launched New Zealand’s first variable annuity in 2016. Our product has evolved and is now the practical embodiment of fundamental retirement income disciplines.

We have built a practical link between theory and practice. The NZSOA work on drawing down an income in retirement is excellent but lacked a practical mechanism to allow retirees to benefit from the knowledge.

The new and evolved Lifetime Retirement Income Fund (taking principles of an allocated pension) was launched in June 2021, has 815 (single and joint members) with assets under management of $101m and delivering a consistent tax paid supplementary income every ”Super” Tuesday (the same day as New Zealand Superannuation is paid).