Sep 06 2023

Top tips from the road

The curtains have drawn on the highly successful Lifetime Seminar Series 2023, culminating in a packed house in Wellington this past Monday night.


Overall, an impressive turnout of more than 1,000 attendees were treated to a captivating blend of information and entertainment courtesy of our esteemed panel of expert speakers including Liz Koh, Dr. Tom Mulholland, Ralph Stewart, and Martin Hawes.


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For those who couldn't join us, our Chief Marketing Officer, Chelsea Devlin, gleaned valuable insights from our speakers. Read on for her top tips:


Liz Koh - Don’t get Super stressed

  1. NZ Super constitutes about 5.1% of our GDP, lower than the OECD average of 7.7%. By 2060, it's predicted to reach 7.9%, just above the OECD average. In a global context, NZ Super remains financially viable.

  2. Currently, 40% of those aged 65+ rely solely on NZ Super, and another 20% have it as their main income source. If you’re in one of these camps, you’re far from alone.

  3. If you’re retired explore your entitlements, and more importantly use them:

    Everyone qualifies for a gold card at 65: Click to View

    Community Services Card: Click to View

    Rates Rebates: Click to View

    Flexi-Wage: Click to View

    Accommodation Supplement: Click to View

    Disability Allowance – up to $75 weekly: Click to View

  4. Find a project for your community: The Age Friendly Fund grants $5,000 - $15,000 to projects fostering age-friendly communities or intergenerational engagement. Open to local councils, community groups, and registered nonprofits across New Zealand.

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Dr Tom Mulholland - Good health is a numbers game

  1. Progress in healthcare and technology has and will continue to contribute to extended lifespans - reaching the ripe age of 100 will become increasingly common for those born today. 

  2. Don't settle for vague health updates. Learn your own numbers - don’t just let your doctor just tell you that they are good.

    What is your actual blood pressure number?

    What is your actual cholesterol level?

    If you are male, what is your Prostate-Specific Antigen number?

  3. Are you a snorer? It might be linked to sleep apnea. While not all those who snore experience sleep apnea, it can be a risk indicator. Dr. Tom suggested snorers try sleeping with a mouthguard, demonstrating that it's impossible to snore when your lower jaw juts out further than your upper one. Yes, we all tried it! 

  4. Take initiative! Find a healthcare advocate and be clear about your history, concerns and the areas you'd like monitored. Even if your finances don't stretch to medical insurance, or private healthcare, the public system is available to you. Be assertive and persistent - perseverance yields results.

  5. Embrace life's voyage (as Dr Tom does when he sets sail on the Heritage Adventurer – Learn More). Shape a health strategy aligned with your aims.

  6. Commit to well-being. Routine scans light the way. Dr. Tom's insight: Lifespan, health plan, make a plan, get a scan.

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Martin Hawes - Telling tales

  1. When considering how best to gift money to your grandchildren, Martin suggested looking into KiwiSaver. They could then eventually put the funds toward a home deposit when they reach that stage of life, rather than spending it all on toys!

  2. Managing finances during retirement can be challenging, so it's essential to simplify your life. Engage an expert to handle your money matters, ensuring you can enjoy your retirement without stress.

  3. In today's digital age, individuals create and interact with a wide range of digital content and platforms, from social media and emails to online photo albums, documents, and bank accounts. These digital assets can hold personal, sentimental, and even financial value.

  4. When someone dies, their digital legacy becomes part of their overall legacy - make sure you consider what will happen to your digital assets, too.

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Ralph Stewart - Retirement incoming!

  1. Lifetime Retirement Income focuses on providing certainty of income over the long term, which is what so many retirees are looking for. To do this, we actively adjust the fund’s investments to smooth out the inevitable ups and downs of investing in assets like shares, we adjust for inflation, we calculate your correct tax bracket and pay this before we pay you, and we work backwards from your expected life span, which we reassess every year.

  2. In the context of safeguarding your money, Lifetime employs five crucial layers:

    Custodial Security:
     Customer funds are never mingled with a Lifetime Bank account. They're held separately, ensuring that in the event of any issues with Lifetime, customer funds remain secure and safeguarded.

    Rigorous Oversight: we provide monthly reports to a supervisor, confirming that we are fulfilling our commitments to customers. If standards aren't met, the supervisor alerts the regulator.

    Regulatory framework: The Lifetime Retirement Income Fund is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) of New Zealand. The FMA was established on May 1, 2011, as a response to the global financial crisis and is tasked with bolstering investor trust and establishing equitable and transparent financial markets.

    Experienced Leadership: Our Board is highly-skilled and principled, fortified by a well-structured succession plan for directors.

    Thoughtful Product development: At Lifetime, we prioritise safety and reliability in all our products and this guides us from the design stage onward.

  3. Unlike typical fund managers focused on KiwiSaver, Lifetime covers life post-KiwiSaver. Our goal isn't aggressive growth, rather the assurance of dependable income spanning 20 to 30 years. Expect consistent, dependable income; we're experts in maintaining regularity rather than showcasing exceptional returns.


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